What Is a Yarn Over in Knitting? Wrap It Up for New Holes & Openings!

A yarn over is a simple but versatile knitting technique that is used to create decorative holes or eyelets in a project. It involves wrapping the yarn around the needle before or after a knit or purl stitch, which...

How to Shrink a Knitted Sweater: Knit Your Way to the Perfect Size

If you're looking to slip a stitch in knitting, it's a simple technique that anyone can learn. To slip a stitch, you'll need to move it from the left to the right needle without knitting it. This can be...

What is St St in Knitting? Smooth Sailing with Stockinette Stitch

St st, or stockinette stitch, is one of the most basic knitting stitches. It involves knitting one row and purling the next, which creates a smooth, flat fabric. Stockinette stitch is a versatile stitch pattern that can be used...

How to Start Knitting on a Loom: Knit Your Way to Easy Loom Knitting

To start knitting on a loom, you'll first need to secure the yarn to the anchor peg. Then, wrap the yarn around the pegs in a clockwise direction, making sure to keep the tension consistent. Once you've completed the...

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