About Us

Welcome to KnittingPassion.com, a blog dedicated to helping knitters of all levels improve their skills and create beautiful projects. My name is Katherine Pearce, and I am the founder and main writer of this blog. I am a lifelong knitter and passionate about teaching others how to knit.

Why I Created This Blog

The idea for KnittingPassion.com came to me several years ago when I realized that many people who were interested in knitting didn’t know where to start.

They were overwhelmed by the variety of patterns, yarns, and techniques available, and they didn’t have a supportive community to turn to for guidance. I decided to create a blog that would provide beginners with the resources they needed to get started, as well as more advanced knitters with inspiration and challenges to improve their skills.

How to Navigate This Site

The blog is divided into five categories:

  1. Techniques
  2. Projects
  3. Yarn & Materials
  4. Tools & Accessories
  5. Knitting Patterns

Let me tell you a bit about each one.


This category covers all the basics of knitting, from casting on to binding off. We also delve into more advanced techniques, such as cables, lace, and colorwork. Each technique is explained in detail, with step-by-step instructions and photos to help you visualize the process.


In this category, we share a variety of knitting projects, from simple scarves to intricate sweaters. We provide detailed patterns, along with tips and tricks for customizing your project to suit your preferences. We also share photos of finished projects to inspire you and give you an idea of what the final product should look like.

Yarn & Materials

This category is all about the materials you need to knit, including different types of yarn, needles, and other tools. We provide information on the properties of different types of yarn, as well as tips for choosing the right needles for your project. We also review knitting books and other resources to help you expand your knowledge.

Tools & Accessories

This category covers all the other tools and accessories you might need for knitting, from stitch markers to project bags. We provide reviews of different products and offer advice on how to choose the best ones for your needs.

Knitting Patterns

Finally, we have our knitting patterns category, which is where we share our own patterns as well as links to other patterns we love. Our patterns range from simple to complex, and we provide clear instructions to help you create beautiful finished products.

We Are Committed to YOU!

At KnittingPassion.com, we are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive community of knitters.

We believe that everyone can learn to knit, and that the process of creating something with your own two hands is incredibly rewarding.

We welcome knitters of all levels, from beginners to experts, and we are always happy to answer questions and offer support.

Thank you for visiting KnittingPassion.com. We hope that you find our blog informative and inspiring, and that it helps you take your knitting skills to the next level.

Happy knitting!