How to Tie a Knit Tie: Knit Your Way to Dapper Style

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Knit ties are a classic accessory that can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. To tie a knit tie, make a simple four-in-hand knot, which works well with the thicker fabric. Adjust the knot as needed to achieve the desired look.

Tying a tie may seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance and a few simple steps, you can master this classic look in no time.

Knit ties provide an extra challenge due to their thicker fabric, but don’t be intimidated – by using a four-in-hand knot, you’ll be tying your knit tie like an old pro.

So, let’s get knotting! With these easy steps and some patience, you’ll have your tie tied up in no time flat – so buckle down and get ready to give yourself the perfect finishing touch.

Choose the Right Knit Tie

Finding the perfect knit is key; pick one that complements your style and stands out in a crowd.

When choosing a knit tie, think about the material, width, length, and color of the tie. For example, cashmere or wool blends offer an extra luxurious feel while linen or cotton ties provide a more casual aesthetic.

In addition to materials, you’ll want to consider tie length as knits are typically longer than traditional ties due to their thicker fabric. Generally speaking, it’s best to wear them just shy of your belt line so they don’t become too bulky when tied.

To complete your look, choose a color that fits your personality and wardrobe palette – from bold patterns to classic stripes there are countless options available for every style.

Once you’ve selected the right knit tie for you, it’s time to position it correctly around your neck and collar. Start by draping the wider end over your shoulder with both ends of equal length hanging down in front of you. Then wrap the larger end around behind your neck and bring it back up towards the front on your left side before tucking it underneath the smaller end from above from left to right (as if making a four-in-hand knot).

Finally, take hold of both sides simultaneously before pulling tight for an effortless look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go! Tying a knit tie can be tricky but with practice comes perfection – so don’t be discouraged if you make mistakes along the way!

Make sure that when tying each knot that all excess fabric has been tucked away neatly under each layer as this will ensure maximum comfort throughout wear. If properly done, you’ll achieve an effortlessly stylish silhouette without any discomfort or bulkiness at all!

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With these tips in mind, creating an enviable look with a knit tie couldn’t be easier! All it takes is finding the right mix of materials, lengths, and colors tailored exactly for you – then simply follow our steps above to masterfully pull off this timeless trend no matter what occasion or season!

Position the Tie

Positioning your jaw-dropping tie has never been easier – just drape it around your neck and you’ll be good to go!

Take note of the width and length of the tie. The width should be slightly wider than a typical classic tie, allowing for more fabric to be used in the knotting process. The length should be long enough for you to comfortably complete the entire knotting process.

Your tie should fit snugly around your neck, with the tip of it sitting at about mid-chest level. Make sure that there are no wrinkles or creases in the fabric before you move on to crossing over the two ends.

Pull one end of the tie through its loop, then cross it over its partner so they form an “x” shape. This is where things get tricky with thicker knit ties: make sure that both ends are equal in size and lay flat against each other when crossed over. If one end is larger than the other, try adjusting it until they match up evenly.

It’s also important to ensure that neither side droops down too far – otherwise this will affect how tight or loose your final knot will be!

Once both sides have been crossed properly, tuck one end underneath itself as if creating a bowtie shape. Then take hold of the other end and bring it from behind over top of what you just tucked underneath itself, passing through its loop again on its way back up front where you started from!

When pulling this second part through, make sure not to pull too hard; if too much pressure is applied then it could ruin your whole look by stretching out or warping your beautiful knit material!

Bringing everything together now – gently pull both sides tight while keeping their evenness intact before finally tightening them completely into place at your collarbone area with a gentle tug downwards towards yourself. With any luck, you’ll have succeeded in creating an elegantly knotted masterpiece worthy of any formal occasion!

Cross the Two Ends

Creating the perfect tie knot doesn’t have to be a struggle – just cross one end of the fabric over its partner to form an ‘X’ shape and you’re on your way!

Choosing the right fabric is important when tying a knit tie; look for thicker fabrics such as cotton or wool, as these will help create a secure knot. Additionally, if you want to coordinate with your outfit, make sure to pick out colors that match or complement one another.

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Once the two ends of the tie are crossed into an ‘X’, hold them in place with your index and middle finger. Take care not to pull too tightly on either side of the fabric, as this may result in creases that could ruin your knot. Then use your other hand to twist each end around itself twice so that they both point downwards towards your feet.

Now hold onto each end firmly and bring them up over one another so that they meet at the center of your chest once more. This will create a loose loop around your neck while also forming four distinct sections along the length of the tie – three loops above and a single long tail below. Make sure not to tug too tightly when doing this step, otherwise it may cause wrinkles in the material which can mess up even a perfectly tied knot!

After creating this loop, it’s time for you to move on to making a loose knot which will secure everything together nicely. To do this correctly, take both ends and pass them through either side of the front loop created earlier before pulling them gently but firmly through – this should create an even tighter and neater look than before!

Make a Loose Knot

Pulling both ends through the front loop of your tie, you’ve come one step closer to creating an impressive knot that’s sure to turn heads.

Before making a loose knot, it’s important to first choose a fabric and identify the pattern. Knit ties are most commonly made from wool or silk, both of which require extra care when tying.

Once you’ve chosen a fabric and identified the pattern, take one side of the tie in each hand. This’ll help keep the tie symmetrical as you make your knot.

To begin making a loose knot, pull one end over the other so that it forms an X-shape near your neckline. Then, wrap one end around behind and up through the center of the X-shape. Finally, take that same end and pull it back down toward your chest before tucking it into itself.

When done correctly, this should create a loose but sturdy knot at your neckline with some slack remaining in either side of the tie for adjusting later on.

Now that you’ve created your four-in-hand knot with knit fabric, it’s time to adjust the size so it sits properly against your collar while still keeping its shape.

Adjust the Knot

Once the loose knot is in place, perfecting it requires some fine-tuning to ensure it sits comfortably and securely against your collar.

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The fabric you choose will determine how wide the tie should be when adjusting the knot. A thicker fabric such as wool or cashmere will require a wider tie width than a thinner material.

Once you have adjusted the knot for your desired width, start by gently tugging on both sides of the knot in opposite directions to tighten it. Make sure to keep an eye out for any wrinkles that may appear and adjust them if necessary.

When done correctly, this should leave you with a neat and tidy knot that won’t slip but isn’t overly tight either.

Now all that’s left is to adjust and tighten the tails of your tie so they hang evenly at your waistline.

Tighten and Adjust the Tails

Now that you’ve adjusted the knot, it’s time to tighten and adjust the tails of the tie.

To do this, hold your tie up near your neck area with one hand and use the other to pull on both ends of the fabric. This will cause the knot to become tighter and lay properly against your collar.

When adjusting the length of your tie, make sure that it doesn’t extend past your belt line in order for it to look appropriate.

The size of the knot should depend on how wide or thin you want it to appear; a wider knot is more suited for a formal occasion while a thinner knot is better for informal events.

It can be difficult finding the perfect balance between tie length and knot size when tying a knit tie due to its thicker material, but with practice, you’ll soon get used to making adjustments as needed.

If you feel like it’s still too long after tightening, then try looping some extra fabric around your finger before pulling both sides tight, which will shorten it further.

Once everything is looking good, give one last tug on each side of your knit tie to secure everything in place and show off your new stylish look!


Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to tie a knit tie. Now you can add an extra level of sophistication and style to your wardrobe.

Just remember: position the tie, cross the two ends, make a loose knot, adjust the knot, then tighten and adjust the tails. It’s as simple as that!

And don’t forget–once you’ve got it right, you’ll be turning heads with your dashing appearance! So grab a knit tie and give it a go–you won’t regret it!

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